Chambar Wikia

George Vergette

Vancouver based George Vergette works primarily with resin but has expanded his medium roster. He is responsible for the large piece in the back dining room, the yellow piece above the bar, and the taxidermy coyote downstairs. According to the artist, his work “uses both medium and content to insert the viewer into each piece, giving a personal dimension to his deceptively minimal works.” George when asked what he would change about Vancouver responded "Gortex and Lululemon", he feels that he most closely associates with Wiener Dogs.

20160107 161000.jpg

Back room feature

20160107 161127.jpg

Up Bar Feature

This feature was in the old chambar and was commissioned by Karri, it has continued to evolve over the years, through years of oxidation the yellow background has lightened significantly.

20160105 214303.jpg

The Waning Light - Featured Downstairs

The waning light features a taxidermy Coyote.

Justin Kane Elder

A Seattle artist Justin Kane Elder uses graffiti techniques to create custom works on canvas. Studied art at the Cornish College of Arts, earning a BFA in 2002 with a focus on painting and sculpture.

20160105 230330.jpg

Lion Featured Downstairs

This painting was commissioned by karri at a live art show.

Bocci Lights

In 2005, Bocci was founded in a red barn surrounded by hay fields, on the periphery of Vancouver, Canada. The company launched with one product, 14, which became an instant classic and remains a design staple and bestseller. Today, Bocci has a growing portfolio of contemporary design ranging from light installations through to furniture and electrical sockets. All Bocci designs are developed, engineered, and fabricated in-house through an infrastructure calibrated to provide full control over technique, quality, and scale.

With headquarters in Vancouver and a satellite company in Berlin, Bocci operates as a co-operative community of designers, architects, craftspeople, technicians, agents, governance bodies, testing facilities, raw material suppliers, and fine shops.

20160105 213748.jpg

Bocci lights located in the entrance area and upper dining area.